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FILM CLIPS - check out more of my musical adventures with the MUSIC and COMMERCIALS buttons 

4 minute

comedy horror that was an official selection at the 2022 Nashville Film Festival - I composed and produced the score and did some of the sound design and the final film mix. 

Forever Home - a humorous web series for pet adoption based in New York City.

A reel of mostly industrial film clips and such showing my affliction of versatility.

Agfa 150th Anniversary Celebration opening film

"Lycanthrope" from veteran B movie director Bob Cook and Actor Robert Carradine. There's a bit of latin flavor in this because the movie supposedly took place in South America.

My homegrown tribute to the Sci-Fi I grew up with!

The Garbanzos from award winning indie "A Guy, A Girl, and a Space Helmet" Operatic intro sliding into a retro hip-hop dance off - all in a day's work! Additional voices: Holly Heise and Rapper Oz Alone

Title Credits Song from Indie Film "Side Sho" bought by Lionsgate. I composed and produced the score, sound design and mix.

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